Auto-magically sync order tracking info to PayPal to get paid quicker.

  • Tired of PayPal withholding funds for up to 21, 90, or even 180 days? 
  • Fed up with expensive chargebacks eating into your profits?
  • Unable to access your funds due to high reserve limits?
You need Solpaid!

Integrates with all your key platforms

Why use Solpaid?

PayPal’s #1 wants all merchants to upload shipment tracking information for every order. 

Manually uploading this data is time-consuming and often leads to mistakes, which then result in customer disputes and chargebacks.

Instead, merchants use Solpaid to sync order tracking information in real-time with PayPal.

How does it work?

Connect accounts

Sign up for Solpaid and connect your store and PayPal in a matter of seconds.

Auto sync

Solpaid starts syncing order tracking info to PayPal in real-time, once the info is available in your store.


Keep track of everything from your Solpaid Dashboard via our regular digest emails.

Improve your PayPal Merchant Record to receive funds 10x faster

PayPal loves merchants who upload order tracking information timely and accurately. This improves how PayPal perceives you (PayPal Merchant Record), which in turn impacts how quickly you can access your funds. 

Consistently sharing order tracking information with PayPal also helps reduce customer disputes and the dreaded expensive chargebacks. 

Not playing nice with PayPal negatively impacts your business

As an online merchant, if you're not on your best behavior or are super reactive toward PayPal customers, you'll pay the price. PayPal has multiple tools under its belt to punish you for non-compliance.

Disputes fees

Fee charged by PayPal to the merchant for every dispute logged by a buyer.


Fee charged to the merchant as a result of a buyer disputing the transaction with PayPal.

Account reserves

Funds received from buyers are held withheld from merchants by PayPal, for up to 180 days in some cases.

Seller protection

Consistently syncing order tracking info is a prerequisite for  merchants to receive protection from PayPal against fraudulent claims and disputes.*


Can I connect multiple stores and PayPal accounts?

How do I connect my store and PayPal account?

We use Stripe or Mollie to accept PayPal payments on our website. Is that going to be a problem?

How quickly is order tracking information synced?

Can I also sync order tracking information for historic orders or only for new orders?

Will we incur extra shipping or fulfillment expenses when using Solpaid?